Hydrogen energy has received increasing attention for its significant contribution to global energy transitions. While progress has been made in hydrogen production from natural gas, coal and oil, the scale-up hydrogen storage and delivery still faces several technological and industrial challenges. In recent years, the United States, Japan, European Union and other countries and regions have formulated hydrogen energy development strategies. 

From global experience, the main problems with commercializing hydrogen energy industry are issues of technology, policy, infrastructure, finance, and social acceptance, etc. Of late years, Chinese government has put great efforts to develop hydrogen energy industry for which a number of enterprises including automobile producers, fuel cell suppliers and investors have joined the hydrogen production and supply chain.

Chinese hydrogen energy market is expected to play a more significant role in the world. To 2022, the sales of hydrogen-fueled vehicles in China is estimated to reach 30,000, which will encourage the development of hydrogen refueling stations, fuel cells, hydrogen production, storage and delivery. The annual output value of hydrogen energy industry will exceed 100 billion RMB in next five years with fuel cells and FCV accounting for the most part of the total.

The 4th Asia Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Application Exhibition & Industry Development Summit Forum is co-organized by PGO Green Energy Ecosystem Organization, Yangtze River Delta Hydrogen Industry Technology Alliance and Zhejiang Energy Group Co., Ltd. Supported by the Energy Sector of Zhejiang Province, the “International Industry Forum on Asia Hydrogen and Fuel Cells” will be held concurrently with the theme of "Hydrogen Energy Guiding the Future”. The forum is committed to build a comprehensive platform for communication and cooperation in resource gathering and integration. It will bring together hydrogen energy and fuel cell enterprises, hydrogen vehicle manufacturers and material suppliers to discuss the future of hydrogen energy utilization and fuel cell vehicles. 

This event will invite principal leaders from the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other relevant units as well as researchers and professionals from government or related enterprises to join the in-depth discussion on topics related to Hydrogen energy, such as policy making, standards, innovative technology, practical experience, cases, and so on.