Morning, Sept. 1,  Themed Forum

Keynote Speech of Domestic and Foreign Industry Leaders, Academician, Experts and Entrepreneurs

Afternoon, Sept. 1, High-level Dialogue

Dialogue 1: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Policy and Market Analysis

Dialogue 2: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Core Materials and Key Components Technology

Dialogue 3: Development Status and Investment Opportunities of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Full Day, Sept. 2, Themed Sub-Forum

Sub-Forum 1: Innovative Technology and Equipment for Hydrogen Production, Storage and Transportation

Sub-Forum 2: Hydrogenation Station and Hydrogen Infrastructure Construction

Sub-Forum 3: Innovative Technology and Application of Fuel Cell System and Key Components

Sub-Forum 4: Technical Innovation and Application of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Sub-Forum 5: Innovative Application of Hydrogen in Distributed Energy, Steel,  Chemical Industry and Other Fields