Morning, Nov. 17, Themed Sub-Forum

Sub-Forum 1: domestic and international technological progress of hydrogen production from renewable energy


1. Development prospect of hydrogen production from renewable energy electrolyzed water

2. How to realize cost reduction and efficiency increase by electrolytic water hydrogen production technology

3. Present situation and development trend of hydrogen production technology from alkaline electrolytic water

4. Development status and trend of PEM hydrogen production technology

5. Current situation of SOEC hydrogen production technology from electrolytic water

6. Economic and environmental analysis of different hydrogen production technologies

Sub-forum 2: hydrogen production, storage and transportation, construction of hydrogenation station and technical equipment


1. Discussion on safety standard system of hydrogen energy utilization

2. Current situation and development trend of hydrogen energy storage and transportation technology

3. Analysis on technology, cost and competitiveness of hydrogen storage and transportation in different paths

4. Integrated design technology of hydrogen production and hydrogenation

5. Design and construction technology of hydrogenation station project

6. Technical status of core equipment of hydrogenation station

7. Discussion on hydrogenation station standards and experience exchange

Afternoon, Nov. 17, Themed Forum

*  The topic focuses on the innovative development of photovoltaic industry in the context of carbon neutrality: guests such as leaders of the Energy Bureau, academicians, industry experts and entrepreneur representatives participate in keynote speeches or round table dialogues

Evening, Nov. 17, Innovation Awards Dinner 

★ 2021 Asian hydrogen energy innovation leader awards

★ 2021 Asian hydrogen energy innovation enterprise awards

Full Day, Nov. 18, Themed Sub-Forum

Sub-forum 3: Innovative technologies for fuel cell vehicles, systems and key components


1. Development status and market prospect of fuel cells in China

2. Requirements of fuel cells under different application scenarios

3. Standards and test technology of vehicle fuel cell system and key components

4. Localization process of fuel cell core parts

5. Technical progress and challenges of fuel cell stack

6. Technological innovation and application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Sub-forum 4: Innovative application of hydrogen energy in distributed energy, steel, chemical industry and other field