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PGO Secretariat welcomes the Secretary-General of Yangtze River Delta Hydrogen Industry Technology Alliance

2020-04-16 15:43:47 257

On April 15, 2020, upon PGO Secretary-General Mr. Zhou Yuan’s invitation, Secretary-General Mr. Ju Quan, Deputy Secretary-General Mr. Wu Lei, and Assistant Ms. Yan Xiaofang from Yangtze River Delta Hydrogen Industry Technology Alliance visited the PGO secretariat office in Taicang.


From left to right: Mr. Wu Lei, Mr. Zhou Yuan, Mr. Ju Quan

On behalf of PGO Secretariat, Mr. Zhou Yuan expressed his heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to Mr. Ju Quan’s group and introduced PGO and the development of Solar PV industry.


Pleasant Conversation

With the reducing cost of Solar PV system, photovoltaic terminal applications are developing towards diversified directions where PV-hydrogen production from water electrolysis can not only alleviate Solar PV power consumption, but also further reduce the cost of hydrogen production from hydrogen energy which is good for both photovoltaic and hydrogen energy industries. At present, many leading photovoltaic enterprises have invested in factory construction to produce hydrogen by water electrolysis of Solar PV power. Mr. Zhou expects that PGO can work closely with Yangtze River Delta Hydrogen Industry Technology Alliance to promote cross-border integration, complement each other's advantages to build a healthy new energy ecosystem.

After reviewing the development of Solar PV industry, Mr. Ju introduced the status quo of Yangtze River Delta Hydrogen Industry Technology Alliance. “China's hydrogen energy industry has just sprung up. Although with supportive policies, the application scope is currently limited to single and small areas such as hydrogen trucks, hydrogen vehicles, hydrogen drones, and hydrogen energy cogeneration and the marketization is still in its infancy. Hydrogen industry is faced with such difficulties as immature technology, high investment and cost, incomplete industrial chain, imperfect supporting regulations and industry standards, which are the same situations at the beginning of Solar PV industry. To this end, hydrogen industry needs more communication with Solar PV industry to learn the development experience, enhance its strengths, avoid weaknesses, and prevent detours”, said Mr. Ju. Meanwhile, he also welcomes more powerful photovoltaic enterprises to invest in hydrogen energy to promote the rapid development of China's hydrogen energy industry.

Mr. Zhou highly appreciates Mr. Ju's efforts and contributions to the establishment and development of Yangtze River Delta Hydrogen Industry Technology Alliance. Near the end, both sides also have in-depth discussions on hot topics such as "New Energy Financial Innovation Fund", "construction of photovoltaic wind power and hydrogen energy application base" and reached many consensus and cooperation intention.

During the meeting, both sides decide to co-organize the “3rd Asia Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technological Equipment Exhibition & Forum” at Hangzhou International Expo Center from September 3 to 4, 2020, and will invite relevant industry leaders and entrepreneurs to participate in the event which will provide an international platform to display high-quality products, technical exchanges, trade negotiations and brand promotion for industry enterprises, so as to contribute to the coordinated development of renewable energy, hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry to promote the development of hydrogen energy industry in China.