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NPC Suggested That The Development Strategy Of Hydrogen Energy Should Be Introduced As Soon As Possible

2020-05-22 10:14:06 189

Han Feng, a member of the National People's Congress and general manager of the Qilu petrochemical company, suggested that the Top-level Design should be done well, the national hydrogen energy development strategy should be introduced as soon as possible, and the development of hydrogen energy should be included in the national energy planning of the 14th five-year plan, and the development goal and route of hydrogen energy should be clarified.

Han Feng believes that China's hydrogen energy industry has a certain basis for development, China society of Automobile Engineering and other institutions have carried out the layout planning of the hydrogen energy industry, but the national level has not officially released the planning, hydrogen energy industry development in the emergence of some problems need to be taken seriously. For example, core technologies such as hollowing out, fuel cell catalysts and other key materials still lag far behind the international advanced level. There is a phenomenon of "false fire" in industrial development, and many places are competing to introduce local industrial policies on hydrogen energy. Preliminary statistics show that there are as many as dozens of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industrial parks planned nationwide. Without a breakthrough in key technologies or a solution to the bottleneck problem, it is easy to waste resources by rushing around everywhere.

In order to grasp the opportunity of energy transformation , promote the high-quality development of China’s hydrogen energy industry , Han suggested to coordinate from the national level,give full play to the industrial and technological advantages of major enterprises in the refining and chemical industry, take the lead in organizing relevant enterprises and scientific research institutions to solve and demonstrate the bottleneck problems in the development of the industry, carry out scientific and technological research, and strengthen the research and formulation of relevant standards, so as to ensure the safe, efficient and orderly promotion of the hydrogen energy industry.

In addition, along the routes from important resources and processing and production bases to important logistics centers such as ports and wharfs. Competitive enterprises should take the lead in organizing the demonstration of integrated layout of hydrogen production, storage, transportation and hydrogenation, so as to explore an effective model for high-quality development of the hydrogen energy industry chain.

Han Feng also suggested that the policy incentives should be optimized, and the relevant policy support system for hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles should be formulated scientifically, so as to improve the precision of the policy support and effectively promote the development of the hydrogen energy industry.